The Math Placement Assessment package costs $50 with $40 charged to the student account and $10 paid directly to the online proctor service - using a debit or credit card - when the student is ready to take the second official/proctored assessment online:

  1. the $40* charge will be added to the WWU Student Account automatically when a student completes the practice assessment, and is non-refundable. If the balance remains unpaid for more than 30 days your account will be charged a $55 late fee and assessed an in-house collection fee of 40% or up to $60, and interest of 1% per month. To make your payment, log in to myWestern / Web4U / Student / Student Records / Western Account Online, and then click on Make a Payment.
  2. you will also pay a $10 proctor fee* directly to the online proctor service HonorLock. Students may opt to schedule time to take the official/proctored MPA at Western’s Testing Center in Bellingham and save $10–see note below.

The $50 total cost covers the following:

  1. ALEKS Quick Interactive Tutorial
  2. ALEKS MPA#1 - PRACTICE 60-90 minutes – online and un-proctored
  3. Prep & Learning Module - optional but strongly encouraged; must be started within 6 months of MPA#1
  4. ALEKS MPA#2*  - PROCTORED/OFFICIAL 60-90 minutes – Proctored scores are valid for math placement/registration.
  5. Prep & Learning Module - 3 Additional hours required prior to reassessment in MPA#3
  6. ALEKS MPA#3 – Optional assessment, but must be proctored (additional $10 proctor cost).
  7. Prep & Learning Module - 3 Additional hours required prior to reassessment in MPA#4
  8. ALEKS MPA#4 – Optional assessment, but must be proctored (additional $10 proctor cost)

* Note: Students unable to take the official/proctored MPA#2 from home have the option to take MPA#2 on-campus at Western’s Testing Center - saving them the $10 proctor fee. Students must have taken MPA#1 before they can take the official/proctored MPA#2 at the Testing Center. Please contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment time to take the test at least one week in advance: (360) 650-3080.

Important Information

  1. Students must activate their Universal Account in order to access ALEKS the first time.
  2. Students will need access to a computer and an internet connection
    See ALEKS FAQs if you have technology/online access concerns.
  3. In order to take their official proctored assessment, students will need:
  4. Review Honorlock Guidelines

Remember: students must not use any outside resources during the proctored assessment. It is considered a violation of Western’s Academic Integrity policy to do so.

ALEKS will provide a built-in calculator when needed. If an onscreen calculator is not provided, the student is expected to complete the problem using only scratch paper.