The Math Placement Assessment package costs $50 with $40 charged to the student account and $10 paid directly to the online proctor service - using a debit or credit card - when the student is ready to take the second official/proctored assessment online:

  1. the $40* charge will be added to the WWU Student Account automatically when a student completes the practice assessment, and is non-refundable. If the balance remains unpaid for more than 30 days your account will be assessed an in-house collection fee of 40% or up to $41, and interest of 1% per month. To make your payment, log in to myWestern / Web4U / Student / Student Records / Western Account Online, and then click on Make a Payment.
  2. you will also pay a $10 proctor fee* directly to the online proctor service HonorLock. Students may opt to schedule time to take the official/proctored MPA at Western’s Testing Center in Bellingham and save $10–see note below.

The $50 total cost covers the following:

  1. ALEKS Quick Interactive Tutorial
  2. ALEKS MPA#1 - PRACTICE 60-90 minutes – online and un-proctored
  3. Prep & Learning Module - optional but strongly encouraged; must be started within 6 months of MPA#1
  4. ALEKS MPA#2*  - PROCTORED/OFFICIAL 60-90 minutes – Proctored scores are valid for math placement/registration.
  5. Prep & Learning Module - 3 Additional hours required prior to reassessment in MPA#3
  6. ALEKS MPA#3 – Optional assessment, but must be proctored (additional $10 proctor cost).
  7. Prep & Learning Module - 3 Additional hours required prior to reassessment in MPA#4
  8. ALEKS MPA#4 – Optional assessment, but must be proctored (additional $10 proctor cost)

* Note: Students unable to take the official/proctored MPA#2 from home have the option to take MPA#2 on-campus at Western’s Testing Center - saving them the $10 proctor fee. Students must have taken MPA#1 before they can take the official/proctored MPA#2 at the Testing Center. Please contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment time to take the test at least one week in advance: (360) 650-3080.

Important Information

  1. Students must activate their Universal Account in order to access ALEKS the first time.
  2. Students will need access to a computer and an internet connection
    See ALEKS FAQs if you have technology/online access concerns.
  3. In order to take their official proctored assessment, students will need:
  4. Review Honorlock Guidelines

Remember: students must not use any outside resources during the proctored assessment. It is considered a violation of Western’s Academic Integrity policy to do so.

ALEKS will provide a built-in calculator when needed. If an onscreen calculator is not provided, the student is expected to complete the problem using only scratch paper.


Most, but not all, new students need to take the ALEKS MPA. If after reading the list of exceptions below you are still unsure whether you meet one of the exceptions, contact the Academic Advising Center at (360) 650-3850 or the Department of Mathematics at (360) 650-3785. Please note that taking the MPA may allow you to place in a higher level course than the exceptions will allow for.

  • Western will continue to allow APTP Math Placement Test scores for students who entered Western prior to Fall 2017; scores are valid for 5 years from original test date.
  • The MPA is not required for entrance into Math 099 (Review Algebra – no degree credit).
  • Within one year of high school graduation, students who provide evidence of meeting the college readiness standard on the Smarter Balanced Assessment (Level 3 or higher) may enroll in Math 107 or Math 108 without taking the placement assessment. To receive permission to register for Math 107 or Math 108 without taking the MPA, students need to bring their Smarter Balanced Mathematics Assessment Results Family Report, provided by the State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, to the Math Department.
  • Students who earned a C- or better in a college Intermediate Algebra course within the last 5 years may register for Math 107, Math 108 or Math 112 without taking the MPA.
  • Students who earned a C+ or better in a transferable college Precalculus I course are eligible for Math 157 or Math 240 without taking the MPA.
  • Students who earned a C+ or better in the second/final course in a college Precalculus sequence may register for Math 124 (Calculus) without taking the MPA. Completing only the first course in such a sequence (i.e. Precalculus I) will not meet this requirement.
  •  The MPA is waived for students who scored a two or higher on the College Board AP Calculus Exam (AB or BC). Students who scored a two or higher and who plan to take another Math course are advised to discuss their options with a Math advisor at (360) 650-3785. Exception: Students seeking admission to Honors Math 134 MUST take the MPA.
  • The MPA is waived for students who have college credit (and grade of C- or better) for a Calculus course equivalent to Math 124 (Calculus and Analytical Geometry).
  • Students who plan to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Education – Elementary or Special Education and have earned a C or better in a college Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, or Precalculus course within the last five years may, after admission to Western’s Elementary or Special Education programs, register for Math 381 without taking the MPA.
  • Students who have completed the ALEKS MPA at another college may be eligible to use those scores for placement here at Western. The requirements for transferring ALEKS MPA scores to Western:
  • ALEKS MPA taken one or more times in a proctored setting at another school – requires verified scores.