Challenge Exams

A full-time status (12 credits or more) undergraduate student may apply to challenge any course (except English 101*, conferences, special projects, and physical education activities courses). The student will receive credit for the course if achievement commensurate with the expectations of the given course is demonstrated in a challenge exam.

*NOTE: To challenge English 101, students must follow special procedures established by the English Department.

The Challenge Application will normally be denied in these cases:

  • student is currently enrolled in the course;
  • student has previously established credit for a similar course at this or another university;
  • student has previously failed the course;
  • student has previously challenged the course and failed;
  • student has previously audited the course;
  • student is in her/his final quarter prior to graduating and the course is part of the General University Requirements;
  • in the judgment of the Testing Center, in consultation with the department concerned, the challenge procedure is inappropriate.

Procedure for Challenging:

  1. Student should discuss challenge with the instructor for the course. This will enable the student to receive an explanation of the requirements for completing the work.
  2. Complete application at Testing Center and pay the fee of $100 per credit by the fourth week of the quarter. (In Summer Session, by the third week.) A $20 proctoring fee will be charged by Testing Center.
  3. Application forwarded to Department and Registrar’s Office for approval.
  4. Student notified by mail of approval or denial.
  5. Student arranges test appointment with the assigned Instructor. Upon completion of testing and required work, student must notify Testing Center at 360-650-3080.
  6. Testing Center forwards grade card to instructor. Student receives an “S” (satisfactory) or “U” (unsatisfactory).
  7. Testing Center informs student of challenge results, completes record and forwards grade card to Registrar’s Office. (Note: If a grade of “U” is assigned, the student is not entitled to a fee refund.)
  8. Student should complete challenge by the end of the quarter in which the application was submitted. If not completed, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Testing Center and make arrangements to forward the challenge to the next quarter if the student will again be enrolled full-time, or cancel the application.


Please contact the Testing Center (360) 650-3080 or if you have any questions or any difficulties in following these procedures.